Rates and Fees

Our mission is to present you with useful information about the payday loan lending industry in all 50 states of the USA. We do not function as lenders, but we consider our website as a highly effective tool that assists borrowers in finding the ideal payday loan lender to assist them when they need it the most.

Our goal is to give you all options that are appealing and what we know will work best for your situation. Choose from a wide variety of lenders- from those charging 200% APR or up to 2281% APR.

What is an APR?

In essence, an APR is the number charged for borrowing and is most often express a single percentage number which reflects the actual figure that represents the yearly operational cost of funds over the term of the loan. By rule of thumb borrowers who requested a smaller and shorter loan are better known to be assessed of higher APRs while those that are set on a longer term loan with higher loan amount most commonly enjoy lowers APRs as well.

We hope to give out useful information to borrowers, thus we strongly advise you to browse our website for more information on payday loans!

Personal Debt Relief

PersonalDebtRelief.net is a financial consulting company that has been around since 2005. We value the customer by suggesting only reputable lenders. Our company is to assist you, the borrower, to make a wise decision when borrowing money from payday loan lenders. Our aim is to provide outstanding customer service by bringing you the best payday loan deals from licensed lenders across the country. Our hope is to help customers gather the money they urgently need by offering highly appealing loans that feature low interest rate and affordable APR rates too.