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Everyone has at one point in his or her life when they have felt the tinge of a dire financial situation. There are many unforeseen short-term financial needs that may require immediate access to extra funds. This can be anything from home repairs, to tuition needs, or simply helping to pay for an unexpected bill. Personal Debt Relief was created with the consumer in mind. Using Personal Debt Relief as an alternative to having to asked friends and family for a short term loan, means that you will be responsible for your loan, and that you don’t have to feel personally entrenched. You are in control of your finances.

With the aid of our online application, being able to access immediate cash was never easier. Personal Debt Relief was created an as easy to use, online application process free of the hassles of providing a financial paper trail, and without the use of a credit score. Many people are afraid of high interest rates, which are certainly a possibility with other short-term lenders, but this is not the case with Personal Debt Relief. Because each application is evaluated on a case by case basis, the interest will be calculated at the end of the application process. Past customers rave about their low interest rates.

Personal Debt Relief has made taking out a short-term loan, easy, hassle free, and convenient. With a simple online process, no paperwork required, a swift answer, and access to cash within 24 hours, there is no reason not take advantage of a lending source trusted across the nation.

Team Profiles

Kelvin Wilderman

Kelvin Wilderman


Being a part of the financial service industry for a decade and a half and leading a company for many years, Kelvin Wilderman has got all the knowledge and skills to build a successful business venture that focuses on making the customers informed, satisfied, and extremely happy. As the leader of our team, he ensures that clients are well taken care of and that our business brings nothing but the best, consistent quality service.


Laura Johansen

Senior Sales Manager

Laura with her expertise in finance and affiliate loan lending specifically helped in developing the website that you see today. Her job mostly entails in making sure that client information and pertinent details are kept in private and safe from unscrupulous entities lurking on the web.


Giunia Granados

Senior Developer

Giunia is the lead developer of this website. She has been in the web development industry for over a decade now. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the MIT. With excellent exposure and background to building websites that are similar to what we have established today, she was successful in building an extensive directory that includes the most reputable businesses and lenders as well as crucial information that are important to our target audience.